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Hi Everybody, I’m gonna tell you all about our crew!!

My name is Ginger and I am a hairless Chinese Crested with a cool apricot mohawk-style crest. I really rule the roost around here but don’t tell anyone I said that ‘cause I am like a female version of Walking Tall (just lots smaller) only I carry a big bark! If the rest of the gang new it ... oh my, my bark would really get tired. I mean there is Mischief Maker a/k/a Pinky, he is a red and white Iggy, who was actually here first but he is a guy and you don’t leave stuff like this up to a guy. Then his half brother Darcy, he is seal and white and a real hunk they say, he is sweet and bashful a little, came to live with us. Those two race around the yard so fast! In fact they raced so hard one day Darcy broke his leg! That was a scare let me tell you.

After Mom got me she just said she fell in love with me and my little naked body and we would have to get another like me. So we went and got my sister Peachy out of the next litter, she is hairless too, with blond hair-she didn’t get a cool mohawk either, I am bigger than she is, but she can be a terror sometimes and I have to put her in her place. I told her not to start acting like a dumb blonde.

After a while, it was decided that Pinky needed an Iggy girlfriend and Mom found Lacy, a blue and white Iggy and Pinky went nuts over her. Just like a man! Lacy is very reserved and lady-like and told him in no uncertain terms he better get his act together and stop acting like a wild man. Those two have been a happy pair together and their babies are beautiful. Lacy uses Peachy for a babysitter lots ‘cause she said those pups wore her out! I help out in that department a little too, they are kinda cute.

Well, not too much time passed and Peachy went off with Mom to see Angela ‘across the mountain’ to get Sunday. She is a fawn and white Iggy. Darcy seems to like her ok but I think she likes Pinky better. Who knows about those Iggy’s? Mom told me and Peachy we were gonna have more company but it would be Cresteds. Xio Hi Whi a/k/a DeBo was the next, he sure is a cute guy, hairless, black with a nice crest, socks and real full feathery tail! But sometimes I think he has ‘short man syndrome’ and tries to be boss but I showed him!

Next thing I knew Mom had gone back across the mountain and took DeBo and Sunday with her, boy did Peachy get teed off because she didn’t get to go, but Mom told her Sunday wanted to go visit Angela, her first Mom. And that Angela wanted to see DeBo just to see what kind of man we had around here. Later that night she came back and had Tinker, Happy and Bunny. Now Tinker is a mess, thought she was a model or something when she first came here. I hafta admit she is pretty. Didn’t take her long to find out the pecking order around this place so now she just hangs with me an Peachy on Moms lap a lot.

Happy is Tinkers sister and of all things -she has hair all over! She is cute tho’ and gets along with everybody, just really sweet. Now Bunny, well that is a different story. Mom said her and Angela went to a different place to get her. She is hairless like us but she is a funny color but real pretty, looks kinda blue and pink with a white face and really pretty crest. She is a little bashful but when she gets to playing nascar racetrack with everyone (we do that in the evenings and Mom has to just sit with her feet outta the way) she barks and barks, Mom keeps telling her to let up on it or she will be sorry. Well it was getting on our nerves and Mom got out the little spray bottle of water and let her have it!

Mom tells me I am her number 1 girl because I was the first girl here, and Peachy is number 2 girl but that she loves us all the same. Hmmm.. wonder what order she has the rest of them in? Someday I am gonna hafta ask her where is 'over the mountain'.

Now I have told you about all of us and in a few days I will start giving you my opinions on lots of things, and telling on everyone, so check back with me occasionally. Oh yeah, I am gonna put all our pictures in here too so you gotta come back to look at that.

OK! Now I am gonna give you my opinion on Tinker. Tinker has turned into an industrial grade velcro dog and a high-jumper. This is serious, I’m not kidding. On the velcro stuff, she keeps everyone away now when Mom is eating anything! She stands there like she is Ms. Guard Duty and growls at anyone that sticks a nose up wanting a taste, course she doesn’t bother me or Peachy, just the rest of the crew. When we settle in for a nap or for the night she won’t let anyone else in Moms lap and gets soooo mad when Mom lets another one up there with us.

On to the high-jumping now; Mom shuts the gate to go somewhere she calls downstairs (I think I have been there before) and it is to keep everyone in the back of the house. Well Tinker is across the gate and right behind Mom before she can get two steps away! Needless to say she also does it when Mom is in her chair watching tv. Boy does that cause some yelling! Now if Mom wants some privacy at that ‘downstairs’ she puts another gate on top of original one.. Geez it goes almost to the very top of the door and Tinker has not figured out how to jump THAT high yet.

Well that is my opinion, toodle, watch for another one on something or someone else later.

Hi gang.. here is my July updated opinion.

Let me tell you something, it's just us cresties at home now! Pinky, Lacy and Sunday went over to Angela's to stay. Mom took Tinker and Happy along for the ride so she would not be lonesome on the way back home.

I miss Sunday and Lacy but in another way I sure am glad those snippy Italian Greyhounds are not here. Sunday kept us all in trouble all the time. Everytime Mom went to the computer or left and went somewhere Sunday would get on her sewing table and up in her sewing cabinets and climb up up to the shelf in the bathroom and tear stuff up and knock it off in the floor and Mom would really be mad when she came in and found her stuff torn up. She fussed at all of us 'cause she was not sure who it was doing it. Well, now she knows it was not any of us well-mannered elegant Chinese Cresteds.

Now I am not going to say 'someone' in our bunch hasn't joined in with Sunday and made messes but now 'that crestie' doesn't dare do it cause she would get caught for sure now with Sunday gone. Lacy was kinda quiet sort of a girl, too much of a lady to tear stuff up.

Now if Tinker would just stop thinking she 'owns' Mom all the time - welllll she is getting better about it, I hafta give her credit where it is due and she is pretty.

Well, I must go now and just lounge a while, I am so much more relaxed and so are the rest of the crestie gang.... now that we have the house to ourselves now.

Next update I will tell you about Easter's pups.. Mom has only let us have a glance at them so I can't really say much now except I heard her say there were 5!! of them, 4 girls and a boy...but I imagine we will see more of them before too much longer.

WoW! Hi everybody.

It has been a long time since I updated. Wouldn't you call 2+ years a long time? it's August 2009 now!....anyway, I am still #1 around here, sis Peachy still holding #2 place (she is younger than me).

Lets see, where to begin, well first and very sadly, I have to report that Ms. Tinker has passed away and is at the bridge, the Rainbow Bridge that is. Debo is no longer a 'ladies man', he had to have something called surgery to get fixed, whatever that means, and now just thinks he is a man of leisure, humph... right. Whoopie still thinks she has to 'talk' when Mom gets on the phone, Tinker 2 (he is a guy but looks lots like little Ms Tinker that passed away) grins all the time, Mom says he is a goofball...he is funny. Buddy thinks he is a movie star with all that long blond hair, big brown eyes and that surfer boy look. heehee, (big secret) him and Sugar love each other, Easter just looks at them and laughs.

Mom says we are just her kids now and we are just gonna play, watch TV and have lots of fun. She calls us her Krestie Krew.

Me, I like the treats but so do the other kids, but we have to 'share equally' what ever that means, I think it is just one apiece is what it means. We all like pineapple best, yummy is that ever good stuff. I try to sneak around and get seconds on pineapple!

I sure would like to see Happy again... and some of the other kids that have been gone for awhile. Mom says we might get to take a short day trip to see her friend and we will get to see some of our friends again. If trip means going in the car...I get the front seat but I know I have to share with Debo on the front seat deal but he's a good guy so I don't mind. The others will just have to be satisfied with the back seats.

Oh yeah, we have a new neighbor lady that comes over once in a while and me and Peachy just love her to pieces, we don't let anyone else get much chance to get any of her attention. The lady's hubby is nice too, he put something called fans up on the ceiling and boy we just love that breeze they make when they spin around, Mom does something to a place on the wall to make them spin. Another friend of Mom's visits once in a while and we all think she is nice too, but we don't see her often.

well, my little paws are tired, not used to this typing thing so I will try to get back before long and keep you informed, just remember this is...Ginger signing off here and this is......

The Truth
The Naked Truth
And nothing but the Naked Truth
So help me dog!

Hi everyone...It is Ginger again, it has been a really long time, it is 2012 now! ...lets see where do I start?

I guess with the sad stuff first, DeBo has gone to Rainbow bridge with Tinker, bless his little self, he was blind at the end, but still found his way around ok. He just got old and tired...

Most everyone else went to new homes, Easter, Tinker, Whoopie...

All that is left at home is Me, Ginger, my sissy Peachy, SugarBare, Buddy and Ms Smiley - Ms Smiley is Mom's service dog, she works all the time and has to go everywhere Mom goes. Buddy and SugarBare 'got in trouble' and Buddy got sissy in trouble too! Peachy had Copy (he acts like an old Hippy is what Mom said) but he lives with Stormy and her family now, Mom got me and Peachy from Stormy's Mom Patti. SugarBare's kids, there was a powderpuff, her name is Sadie and she lives with Linda (who is Stormy's aunt) and her man. PoGo (she jumps like she has built in springs!) and Xio Bocq YaYa - you say it like Sho Bok yaya - (he is tiny and sounds like a squeeky toy when he barks) are still here. They are going to be trained to be service dogs like Ms Smiley is, Mom said if they don't train right she will find good forever homes for them. They are Smiley's full brother and sister and so is Sadie.

It is pretty quiet around here most of the time. PoGo has 'found paper' whatever that is but Mom yells at her to DROP IT! so I figure it is something she isn't supposed to have cause then Mom goes and picks pieces of it up and throws it away. In all fairness I will have to say she is learning to 'bring it' part of the time to Mom. YaYa is a good guy, he does not 'find paper' and is pretty easy going most of the time.

Me and Peacy are getting up in years ... I think we are 8 and 8 1/2 in people years, we do pretty good though, I can still outrun Peachy hee hee. Sugarbare and Buddy are gonna have to go on a senior diet they have gotten errr... chubby. If Smiley doesn't watch it, she is gonna chub up too, but I don't see how cause she is on the go a lot, she even has something called a sidecar that fits on the side of Moms electric chair so she can ride instead of running to keep up with the chair.

OK, once again ...

Ginger signing off here and this is......

The Truth
The Naked Truth
And nothing but the Naked Truth
So help me dog!

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